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nQuire wins a Guardian research impact award

I'm delighted to see that the Open University's citizen science platform nQuire has won the Guardian's research impact award.

"Unlike existing citizen science projects, nQuire involves members of the public at every stage of creating and managing scientifically structured investigations, from design, to recruiting participants, to accessing and analysing findings, to sharing results. This helps develop understanding of the scientific process."

nQuire is not my project, but I was very glad that we were able to share some of the learnings from the BBC's Lab UK platform with the team as they were scoping the site. I've also been involved with several nQuire experiments , including The Feel Good Test, the Novels That Shaped Our World surveys, the climate anxiety experiment, and my own Literature and the Mind study.

It's a great platform, run by a great team. Do get in touch with them if you have an idea for an experiment.

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